Originally published by the Good Taste Dining Guide, 2018. 


Vermont may be a landlocked state, but you’ll never want for fresh seafood in the Northshire thanks to Manchester’s Earth & Sea Fish Market.

Begun in 1986 out of the back of a refrigerated minivan, owner Bob Yakaitis has spent the last 30-plus years working to bring high-quality and sustainable fish to customers in Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York.

Rather than aiming to be the biggest fish market, however, Earth & Sea strives to be the best according to Yakaitis. “This is the highest quality seafood that we are bringing to Vermont, and in a landlocked state that can be hard to find,” explained Earth & Sea’s manager, Jennifer Sheridan. “We provide our products to a lot of restaurants, but people also come for miles to check out the market here in Manchester.”

That market, open Tuesday through Saturday, offers everything from  freshly sourced seafood to the drinks, snacks, and condiments to serve alongside it. Tanks of live lobsters greet customers as they walk in the door, as do shelves of artisanal—and often, Vermont made—wines and cheeses alongside prepared goods.

“If you love good seafood, this is where you want to go,” explained Sheridan. “There’s a huge difference between fresh seafood, most of which hasn’t been frozen, and right now we have fresh wild salmon, halibut, tuna, and more.”

Sourced directly from the Boston Fish Pier multiple times per week, it’s difficult to beat the standards that Earth & Sea has set in terms of quality. And with a cumulative 100 years in the seafood industry, the market’s staff is both capable and passionate when it comes to connecting customers with their food.

“It’s really the best-quality seafood that you can get living here in Vermont,” Sheridan added. “For us it’s all about spreading knowledge when we can and providing the freshest seafood possible.”

3757 Richville Rd., Manchester.
802-362-1679 or

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