Sunlit reverie

Originally published in the Manchester Journal on May 13, 2018 On those first sun soaked days of spring it’s difficult to suppress the giddy joy that the rays engender. Maybe it’s a lack of Vitamin D, but in my world there are few things more satisfying than the break of a winter that lasted much […]

Visit Arlington

Originally published in Manchester Life Magazine on May 1, 2018.  Tucked away in the beautiful Battenkill valley, between the bustling communities of Manchester and Bennington, you may spot a small town named Arlington on your map. Despite its diminutive size, Arlington offers a treasure trove of culture for travelers. With a history as rich as the […]

Spring Awakening

Originally published in the Manchester Journal on April 13, 2018.  Sometimes you just have to slog through the mud. After 24 years of “spring” in Vermont, the weight of that lesson is finally starting to sink in. While I’ve never been the type to disdain winter, the transition has always troubled me. Getting outside despite […]

Friendship forged in philanthropy

Originally published in the Manchester Journal on April 20, 2018.  MANCHESTER — Shoppers will have the opportunity to treat themselves and help others this Saturday, when Manchester’s Eileen Fisher Company Store will team up with The Kura Project — a local nonprofit supporting female students in Northern Kenya — for a day of fashion, fun […]