Originally published by the Good Taste Dining Guide, 2018. 

Photographs by George Forbes

After almost 50 years in downtown Manchester, New Morning Natural Foodscontinues to redefine living local. With a wide selection of regionally sourced produce and goods, a locavore philosophy has long guided the family-owned health food store. Recently, however, New Morning has begun to grow and expand those local offerings after moving to a larger location on Main Street two years ago.

“We moved in order to expand the store, and we also hoped to serve some healthy food and drinks to-go,” explained owner Jan Kelley, who worked at New Morning for close to a decade before purchasing the store 23 years ago. “Our big goal has always been to offer as many local products as we possibly can.”




Alongside those local goods, displayed front and center when you walk in the door, New Morning also carries a wide selection of groceries, home supplies, and body care products. With healthy and sustainable alternatives to many popular snack foods, a vast selection of vitamins and supplements, and natural body care products that will leave you glowing from the inside out, it is no surprise that customers have flocked to the health food store for decades.

After the move, however, Kelley and her son Morgan—New Morning’s heir apparent—were eager to further expand and reinforce the store’s hyperlocal focus. The first phase of that expansion? Opening a fully vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free juicery within the new space.

“New Morning has always been an important part of the Northshire community, and we plan to keep with that tradition as we expand our horizons,” Morgan said, noting that the needs of the community will continue to chart the path forward. “The vegan juice bar, for example, filled a dietary hole that the community has been lacking with fresh, local, organic, vegan, and allergy-friendly prepared foods.”

In the two years since the juicery’s grand opening, the small take-out space has become a hotspot for both locals and visitors seeking a nourishing nosh. There, Kelley serves up her homemade soups and stews alongside an abundance of appetizing baked goods, filling wraps, colorful juices, and freshly brewed coffee from Dorset’s Tall Cat Coffee Roasters.

“All of our produce served at the juice bar is always organic, and local when possible, but we’d like to start incorporating some of our own produce as well,” added Kelley, who recently began a small farm a mere mile from the store, dubbed New Morning Acres.




While the farm currently produces the freshly laid chicken and duck eggs sold at the store, the Kelleys hope to expand upon their agricultural project to supplant the needs of the juicery—while also amplifying their “living local” philosophy.

“The farm allows us to provide the community with local eggs and veggies while cutting down on our waste,” explained Morgan. “Juicing makes a lot of pulp, and our animals love the nutrient-rich veggie and fruit remnants.”

Already, the two endeavors work toward that goal in a symbiotic fashion.

4776 Main St., Manchester.
802-362-3602 or

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