There are some things that we know about ourselves, deep down yet without a doubt. For me, two things come to the fore: first, a deep love, respect, and near-sacred appreciation for the outdoors and the freedom it provides. In a close second is the comparable liberation of putting pen to paper, an act through which I’ve processed the world for as long as I can remember. Those two tenets together—connection to the earth and creative expression—continue to inform my life and work as a writer and yoga teacher.

While my professional background is in Journalism and Communications, you’ll find little of that here. Green Mountain Bliss is instead a space to play with passions and share them with each other, from yoga flows to essays and poetry to playlists. These are the pursuits that light a fire within me, and I’m grateful to connect with others through them. It’s also a way to open up a conversation—about doing well and doing good in pursuit of a life well lived. Because, ultimately, isn’t that what we’re all searching for?

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